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Why It’s A Good Idea To Paint The Exterior Of Your Business

Why It’s A Good Idea To Paint The Exterior Of Your Business

There are several reasons why repainting your business is a great idea. 

Colour is a key component of corporate identity and your customers will first judge you on how your business looks. Argenta Painting crews have completed many commercial painting jobs in Vancouver and area and we’ve seen firsthand what a wonderful impact a fresh coat of paint has on a business!

Here are a few points for you to consider:

First Impressions

New paint, professionally applied, gives a solid first impression and sends a positive message to your customers. People are drawn to pleasant aesthetics and are inclined to walk into stores that look nice on the outside. The professional look of new paint is a subtle signal that you can be trusted. If your building looks worn, or the paint is faded and peeling, you are telling people that you don’t care.

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Early Intervention

Painting the exterior of your building can save you costly repair work down the road. While our crew is preparing the walls, they will be looking for any trouble spots like cracks and moisture that you may not have been aware of. Noticing small problems early and taking care of them sooner rather than later saves you money. Paint also protects your building by acting as a layer of protection between the environment and the materials, keeping moisture, mildew, mold, and burrowing insects at bay.


Major renovations are costly, particularly right now. Hiring a painting contractor is a cost-effective way to improve how your building looks.

Create A Positive Work Environment

We all understand that the workplace environment directly affects how productive employees are. A pleasant, bright, colourful space maintains high staff morale and job satisfaction. The more enthused your team feels, the harder they work. A company that puts a little effort into creating positive surroundings is telling its employees that they care.

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Attract Investors

Attracting investors can be challenging. In addition to the number crunching, these folks will be carefully inspecting your physical premises and if your building looks shabby or run-down they will put their money elsewhere. Hire a painting company to give your business an updated look and then invite the investors over.

Improve The Look Of The Neighborhood

Small businesses form important building blocks of a community. A business owner that takes pride in how their building looks sets the example that others will follow. Downtown and industrial areas have been revitalized just by new paint! Improving the look of a business area not only drives more customer traffic, but it also tends to improve the market value of the building.


If you’re looking for a painting contractor in Vancouver, we’d be delighted to talk with you and provide a free quote!

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