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Tips For Your DIY Painting Project, Have Fun!

tips diy painting

Have Fun!

Enjoy the creative process of painting and pat yourself on the back for a job well done!

Tips for you DIY Painting Project

It’s been a challenging year for all of us, fraught with the unknown, information overload, and a certain amount of anxiety. While our lives have certainly changed, one of the positives is that people have taken opportunities to learn about DIY home improvement projects. Perhaps you’re one of those individuals who have been looking around your house and thinking about a fresh coat of paint or even a different colour. We are professional painters and we’d like to set you on the right DIY track, so here are a few tips about doing the job well.

Choose The Right Colour

Seems pretty obvious, right? But if you’ve ever visited a paint store, you know that colour choices seem endless. Take swatches with you because that soft yellow paint you envision accenting your kitchen cupboards may turn out to clash in reality. Ask for a sample of the paint to take home and try out. And understand how artificial light will make a swatch and sample look quite different than it does in natural light, or in the lighting in your home.

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Don’t Leave The Lid Off The Paint Can

Yes, that seems crystal clear but if painting isn’t something you do often as we do, it’s easy to forget. We have trained our crew to have good habits and one of those is to never leave the lid off the paint can. Keeping the paint covered prevents accidental spills and helps to keep out any dust or debris that may be stirred up by energetic children or pets.

Wash The Walls And Cover Your Furniture

Next to picking the right colour and type of paint, prep is the most important step you can take. Thoroughly wash the walls and keep a careful eye out for any minor fixes like holes, dents, or moisture that have to be addressed before the painting begins. Vacuum your carpet or wash the floor in the room you’re preparing. Move small furniture and items to another area and push large furniture into the center of the room. Cover everything. 

Paint Cover Your Furniture

Contact a Professional Painter

Our trained professionals specialize in painting, drywall and carpentry. Our expert work force is competent to provide services on both residential and commercial levels.


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Use The Right Paint

If your surfaces are uneven and less than perfect, avoid gloss or semi-gloss. Shiny finishes will make those imperfections and rough spots stand out even more. It’s always a solid idea to make sure the labels on your paint cans are clear and readable so that you don’t mix up sheens of the same colour.

Brush Strokes - Less Is More

Over-brushing creates those lines we’ve all seen in paint jobs. After you’ve loaded the paint on your brush, cover the area, apply one or two more strokes to level out the paint and that’s it. There will be a temptation to “fix” the paint with a few more brush strokes as it dries. Don’t. Do. It.

DIY Painting

Using Rollers

The best way to avoid bumping the ceiling is to paint a horizontal strip parallel to it before starting on the wall. That strip is the perfect guide and buffer zone. Be mindful that the roller doesn’t touch the floor because it will pick up dust and dirt, affecting the quality of the job.


We’d be delighted to answer your questions and to provide a free quote for any of your Vancouver and area residential or commercial painting needs. We look forward to hearing from you!

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