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Best way to elevate your Home’s Curve Appeal

Curb Appeal and Other Reasons to Paint the Exterior of Your Home

Quaint, lovely Vancouver neighborhoods like Kitsilano and Kerrisdale feature some stunning homes. Quiet tree-lined streets, colorful flowers, tidy lawns, and even small vegetable gardens are found here. If you stroll through the open houses or peruse the real estate ads, one thing that all these properties have in common is curb appeal and a professional exterior painting job has been a major player in this.

Painting the outside of your home not only helps it to stand out and make a positive impression, but it can also contribute to the overall aesthetics of your neighborhood. When you’re thinking of painting, choose colors that best fit the architectural design, enhance your landscaping, and don’t clash with, or copy, the homes around you.

Having a fresh coat of paint applied to your home certainly helps to make it look inviting but there are economic benefits as well. According to a Consumer Report survey, freshening up the outside of your house has the potential to increase its value by 2 to 5% which isn’t an insignificant amount in this current hot real estate market. (https://www.consumerreports.org/cro/magazine/2015/03/top-5-ways-to-boost-the-value-of-your-home/index.htm)

Painting the outside of your home protects it. Generally, your house should be painted every 5 to 10 years but its construction material plays a part in determining that. Wood should see a fresh coat every 3 to 7 years and aluminum siding needs paint roughly every 5 years. A good quality paint job on a brick home will last 15 years, but the trim will need to be painted on the same schedule as the wood home. There are also new types of materials like cement fiberboard siding that need less frequent touch-ups.

As residential painting contractors, we are in the unique position to see over and over again what a tremendous and positive difference painting the outside of a home can make. Owners often feel like they’re in a wonderful, brand new place and neighbors will comment on how nice the house looks. Exterior painting not only adds life to your neighborhood, but the paint helps to extend the life of your home. 

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Moisture and salt air are hard on houses and can create an environment where mold and mildew begin to grow. As the paint starts to weaken, water can cause wood rot and other damage and over time, the ultraviolet rays from the sun will fade paint. Temperature fluctuations cause construction material to expand and contract which makes old or poor quality paint bubble, blister, and peel. Our crew of professionals has been trained to recognize all these and other issues that you may not have been aware of. Spotting problems early prevents expensive repairs down the road. Once these small problems are dealt with our use of high-quality paint will prevent the problems from reappearing.

Painting the exterior of your home is a big job, with many considerations, and we would be delighted to be your Vancouver residential painting contractor! Please give us a call with your questions or arrange a free quote!

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