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Even though Vancouver does not have the extreme weather conditions (-30/+30 degrees Celsius) as other parts of Canada the constant and abundant rain (what! it rains in Vancouver!? No way!) is one of the biggest enemies of any Homeowner in the Lower Mainland. Water (rain) damage is a very common occurrence in roughly 80% of the houses we paint every year in Vancouver. When left unattended a small leak can cause serious problems on any surfaces, especially on horizontal surfaces or any surface that by design allows water to collect, such surfaces include, but are not limited to, decks, porches, railings, roofs, gutters, stairs, etcetera.

The most common damage we see in Vancouver homes are rotted fascia boards, which constitute about a 50% of all our carpentry repair work. The usual culprits for all the water damage are neglect, from Homeowners thinking that either paint is a mere cosmetic part of their house or that their rough cedar fascia will last forever just because of the quality of the wood they have and while some woods are much better at resisting the elements as others they all need constant maintenance.

Showing your home some much needed TLC (tender love and care) is a smart thing to do to protect your investment because let’s all face it, Vancouver house prices are through the roof and neglecting and investment that big may not be the sensible thing to do. Applying a couple coats of paint, stain or clear coat will increase the longevity of your Home.

Painting every 10-12 years as a preventative measure may seem, to most Homeowners as a better option rather than paying for costly structural and water proofing repairs every 15 years.

A simple fascia repair, on a 1-storey house in Vancouver, can cost anywhere from $250 (our minimum charge for up to 4 labour hours) plus any materials used up to $800 dollars for higher off the ground fascia boards where flashing, gutter removal and re-install, plus other water proofing techniques may be needed, these prices are based on past carpentry repair jobs we have completed in Vancouver, all of our prices for any carpentry repair work are done on a Time plus Materials basis as we never know what exactly we will find after we start removing rotted wood.

Other tips for adding years to the woodwork in your property are;

Ensure all wood that is directly exposed to the elements is properly primed with an oil-based primer and painted with 2 coats of good quality paint product.

Ensure all exposed wood has a properly installed and sealed metal cap or flashing, flashings are by fay the most efficient way to protect your wood surfaces. Metal caps or flashings are most effective when the sides are at least ½” away from the sides of the wood.

Ask your carpenter to use a sealant, not a caulking, when sealing all the new joints. Preferably have him use something called MasterSeal NP1, an elastomeric polyurethane sealant specially formulated for sealing areas from water damaged it is our go to product when doing High-Rise weather proofing and window sealing.

Less joints = less troubles, even when following all the proper procedures mentioned above we try to make the least number of cuts/joints possible, minimizing the amount of areas where water can “sip thru”.

Never, under any circumstances, caulk/seal the bottoms of any exterior woodwork such as window trims, fascia boards, belly boards, skirt boards, etc. Leaving the bottom part of any of these surfaces unsealed will allow any water/moisture that may make it through to be able to scape reducing the risk of water pooling behind your woodwork where you will not otherwise see it until it is too late.

Here is one of many testimonials from one of Argenta’s numerous happy customers:

“We had Ricardo to replace our rotten wood trims, paint our stucco and exterior trims and fascias recently. Their price is very competitive. The communication with Ricardo is excellent throughout the whole project. Their employees are very professional, efficient and polite. We are very satisfied with the end result and will definitely use them again for our future projects.”

Jennifer Y. (Homeowner)

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