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How much paint do I need to paint my room/apartment?

How much paint do I need to paint my room/apartment?

  • Medium size room walls (12’ by 12’ by 8’High) will usually take about 3 quarts of a gallon. My rule of thumb is 3 gallons of good quality paint per every two bedrooms per two coats (if both bedrooms are the same colour).
  • Most living rooms will usually take 2 gallons for two coats with some leftover for future touch-ups.
  • A Bathroom will take half a gallon for two coats. Keep in mind bathrooms will require a medium to good quality paint or better yet a K&B (Kitchen and bathroom) paint.
  • For the doors and trim, a gallon of paint will normally be enough for two coats for up to 7 doors and will have some left to do the trims and baseboards.
  • For ceilings, you will need about half a gallon per room (12’ by 12’) for flat ceilings, textured ceilings will require about ¾ of a gallon per room, depending on whether they have been previously painted.
How much paint

Pro tip: Paint will go much further if you limit the number of colours you use as paint rollers soak a lot of paint that cannot otherwise be used. If you limit yourself to 1 or 2 colours to paint the interior of your Home, you will have less expenses and your painting project will go much faster.

Sheens: sheen is basically how shinny paint is, every vendor has different sheens for each product making buying paint a bit confusing. Below we have provided a helpful guide to choosing the right sheen.

Area to be painted


Ceilings (textured or flat) as it hides imperfections better, but it cannot be washed.

Velvet & Eggshell

Walls (bedrooms, living rooms, hallways, and closets).

Pearl & Satin

Walls in Hospitals, restaurants, bathrooms. Bathroom ceilings*. Could be used in trims and doors if a not so shinny finish is wanted.


Mostly used for trims and door for its durability and washability.

Gloss or High gloss

Can be used on trims and doors, mostly sheen used on metal for its durability and weather protection. Highly washable but shows  imperfections glaringly.

There are some washable flat finished nowadays, but they only come in the most expensive paint products.

Satin  and pearl finishes provide a bit more washability and durability needed for areas with lots of moisture.

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