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Warped Wood Trims, Why does it Happen

Warped Wood Trims, Why does it Happen

Warped wood trims are more common than you think and  it is important to understand why does it happen. Considering that you clicked on this topic, we assume you know what wooden trims are. However, for those who just wandered here out of boredom, or to just annoy others, wood trims or base moldings are a common sight in homes and buildings. Such trims’ primary purpose is to cover gaps or edge areas. Not only is it functional, but it is also decorative, as it is used to give a clean look. Often made of lightweight wood, it adds a beautiful touch.

However, it is made of wood, which has its problems. To be specific, wood can warp, so spotting warped wood trims in a building is not rare. But why does it happen? What are the causes behind this phenomenon?

Here are Some of the Reasons Behind Warped Wood Trims.


Exposure to Moisture

Water is the natural enemy of wood. That fact should never be forgotten. Unfortunately, many people forget that, which leads to many problems when wood is one of the building materials in their homes. A little splash of water will not hurt, but continuous exposure to excessive amounts of moisture can lead to that.

There are many ways how that exposure occurs, which we will discuss in the next points. However, if your home is located in a humid climate, invest in a good quality dehumidifier. It won’t show any immediate effects, but you will start to see some improvement over time. 

Excessive Snow and Rain

Again, excessive moisture can easily warp the wood. And excessive rain and snow are one such source of water. It is essential to ensure that there are no cracks in insulation or walls that may allow snow or rainwater to enter your home, damaging the trim. 


Washing Floors

Yeah, it does sounds stupid, but some people do that. The thing is, when you have wooden flooring or wood trims decorating the room corners, you should never opt for washing to clean the place. Mop it, use a vacuum cleaner, or do anything else. The occasional power washing and rub down is ok. Still, the repeated washings with water will no doubt leave enough moisture to not only cause warping, but additional damage in terms of cracking, mold growth, and, worse, rotting.

Invasive Pests

There exists a large variety of wood eating pests that love to gnaw on your wood trims. But how does that cause warping in wood trims? That is quite simple. When these pests eat their way into the wood trims, they leave small holes in their wake. These holes act as opening and storage for excessive moisture, which later invites warping, mold growth, cracking, and rotting. It is essential to check the presence of any such pests in the wooden areas in your home, lest they cause irreversible damage. 


Dry Hot Conditions

Just as excessive moisture is not ok for your wood trims, the opposite is equally dangerous. The dryness can initiate a dry rot in the wood trims, which leads to a variety of problems, the least of which is warping. You will be lucky if you get away with warping wood trims because the worst that can happen is the completer dry rotting of the wooden material. 

How Can Argenta Painting Ltd. Help You?

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