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Afraid of Heights? We Have You Covered!

Afraid of Heights? We Have You Covered!

Our care and concern for our customers and employees is what drives us to meet and then exceed the safety standards that the province has outlined for its Vancouver-based professional general contractors and residential and commercial painters. We are licensed, insured, and WCB covered, but that’s just the beginning of our commitment to you and our staff. Let’s take a look at the other things we do!

We Love Climbing Ladders!

A concern about working on a ladder is one of the reasons many customers choose to hire us. We completely understand their reservations. Climbing up and down the rungs is a physically demanding job. Add hoisting tools, reaching and working at angles, and enduring extreme weather conditions and it’s apparent that laboring on a ladder is not for the untrained or faint of heart. Even a short fall can result in a serious injury so we ensure that our staff is trained on every aspect – selection, set up, anchoring, and how to work safely.

We can and do use tools such as high visibility tape, flags, and safety cones so that pedestrians in high traffic areas like highrise lobbies, storefronts, and garage entries are aware that we are busy making buildings look great!

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It takes only a few seconds to conduct a Google search and come up with hundreds of videos of unbelievably dangerous scaffold work around the world. You won’t find us in any of them.


Just as in the case of the ladders, our painting and contracting crews are thoroughly trained on how to properly set up and take down scaffolding and how to remain injury-free while working on them. There will never be a situation where a customer will be invited up on one and if we discover unexpected issues, we’ll take photos and videos and discuss the problem with you on the ground.

Bring On The White Glove Test!

Ok, so we might be embellishing a wee bit here but cleanliness is connected to safety. At the end of each workday we ensure that tools are put away, trash is cleaned up, slip hazards are cordoned off, and walkways, stairs, and pathways are clear.

If you’ve hired us to be your professional commercial or residential painter or contractor, we will ensure that the only evidence that our crew was at your Vancouver home or business will be lovely fresh coats of paint, solid construction work, and admiration from your neighbors or customers.

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Drywall skim coating

Why Are They Wearing Masks And Protective Coveralls?

Some product use and situations require our crew to don masks for the good of their health. Mold, spray from paint, and dust from lumber, sheetrock, and mortar are common hazards for painters and contractors. The particles from these products can damage lungs and masks are the most effective protection tool. Contact with solvents can cause skin injuries and lightweight suits keep our staff safe.

The good news is that as a customer you don’t have these worries because of our clean-up practices! If there is anything that you need to be concerned about, we will be the first to discuss it with you.

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I’m Leaving The Heights And Safety To The Professionals!

We are a Vancouver-based company offering commercial and residential painting and general contracting services to customers in the city and surrounding communities. We’d be delighted to chat with you about your painting or contracting needs. Call us for a free quote. We look forward to hearing from you!

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