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Why Choose Composite Decking

Why Choose Composite Decking

Choosing the material for your deck can be quite an arduous task. Or, in simple words, plain hell. There can be many reasons behind this. For instance, some want the natural feel of wood; some prefer modern materials. Some would like a long lasting deck, and then some just want a low maintenance one, so they don’t have to do much work. On their own, these desires are ok. Still, the clash occurs when some want multiple qualities from their deck, like a low-cost but long lasting material or a natural wooden one with low maintenance. Now, there are many different types of materials for decks out there. Still, if you want one that combines all these qualities and is long lasting, then a composite deck should be your choice.

Composite Decking, For A Long Lasting Deck

Out of all the materials for decking, Aluminum and steel are the ones that last the longest. Their average life span is 30-plus years, which can be pushed to more than 60 years in some cases. However, for all their advantages, there are some drawbacks to using such materials for decking. First of all, it is expensive. Exceptionally so.

Furthermore, if you love nature and would like your deck to reflect that, Aluminum and steel decking is unsuitable. That is where composite decking comes in. Sure, it may not last for 60 years, but it will last you for 25 to 30 years with low maintenance.

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Composite Decking

What Is Composite Decking?

Composite decking is an artificial, man-made building product. It is made from various materials, like wood fibers, some amount of plastic, and a specific ratio of binding agent to hold it together. A mixture of wood and plastic takes the good qualities of both materials and enhances them to the max. For instance, a composite deck will retain the natural beauty of wood. However, as it is a mixture of wood and plastic, it will be termite resistant and not splint, unlike wood.

Difference Between Decking And Composite Decking

Other than being more long lasting, composite decking holds a lot of advantages over normal wooden decks. It comes with a large range of colors, finishes, and styles. However, whatever color is more consistent throughout the material, unlike natural wood that will have highlights or streaks of colors passing without any uniformity.

Moreover, composite decking is, as we have mentioned earlier, a mixture of wood fibers and plastics, thus, adopting the best of both. This is why, unlike normal wood decking, it does not needs a lot of maintenance, to begin with. It will also not splinter or fall victim to termites and other wood-attracted bugs. It also won’t rot.

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Are There Any Disadvantages To Composite Decking?

Unfortunately, there are. First, it is 15 to 20 percent more expensive than wood. Second, it can get scratched due to heavy furniture and can’t be sanded or refinished like wood. But that happens in extreme cases; most of the time, composite material is treated to resist scarring or marring on its surface in the first place from such instances.

However, it should be kept in mind that composite decking is a compromise between wooden decks and steel or aluminum decks. Thus, it would make sense if it is more expensive than normal wood decking.

In Conclusion

Composite decking is perfect for a longer lasting deck. It is a compromise between wood and steel; it retains the natural beauty of wood but adapts the strength and low maintenance qualities of steel decks. It deserves its price tag as it gives you the advantages of low maintenance, long life of 25 to 30 years, and shedding all the weaknesses of wood. In short, if you want a long-lasting deck, but don’t like the artificial look or price tag of steel decks, then composite decks are the perfect choice for you.

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