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Repainting your Home: Why is it Important and how Often?

Repainting your Home: Why is it Important and how Often?

There are different reasons why repainting your home is a good idea. Painting your home is a way of developing stunning new designs or bringing your home up to date. However the paint won’t last forever. 

In this article, we will cover all you need to know about repainting your home. Use this information to get specifics on how often to paint your home.

Why is Repainting your Home Important?

The benefits of getting a new coat of paint go far beyond simply giving the interior and exterior of a building a clean and updated appearance. However, this is undoubtedly one of the many advantages. Yet the following reasons listed below show why repainting your homw is essential.

Clean house
Repainting your home

How Often Should I Repaint the Exterior of my House?

Unfortunately, there is no concrete schedule for how often homeowners should paint an exterior part of a home. Every house is unique in its way. Yet, it is recommended repainting your home every five to ten years. However, there is a possibility that the frequency will change depending on the paint material used for the exterior part of the house. Also, the procedure of painting each surface is slightly different from the others. The kind of substance your exterior paint is made of will thus determine how long it will endure. Examine the following exterior surfaces for further information that pertains to your house.

If you are repinting your home exterior this video will povide you key points you need to consider “Excited About Painting this Summer?? Here are some tips to consider!!


Whether or not you want to paint the brick surface, choosing brick as a material is a low-maintenance alternative. Brick that has been painted may range from fifteen to twenty years, but unpainted brick merely has to be cleaned occasionally and regularly.

Wood Siding

Since the substance is long-lasting, the paint should last between three and seven years. However, the stained wood siding must have a new coat of stain applied every four years.

Fiber Cement Siding

Most cases, the paint on fiber cement siding must be touched up less often. However, you may anticipate the paint to last for ten to fifteen years.

Metal Roof

If you use a primer, the new paint job should endure for ten years on average on a metal roof. There are types of metal roofs that don't need repainting for dozens of years at a time. However, the length of time between coats of paint might also vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.


Stucco is an attractive and long-lasting exterior finish, but it must be repainted on average every five to six years.


Acrylic and oil-based paints are the two most common bases for deck paint, and both have a lifespan of around ten years. It is recommended that you restain your deck every two to three years.

How Often Should I Repaint the Interior of my House?

Your home’s interior must receive a new coat of paint in five to seven years. However, due to wear and tear, some walls need to be painted more often than others. For instance, you may need to do extra touch-up work in the areas that get the most usage. Another way to identifying if repainting your home is a good idea is by analysing each room idividually.

freshen up your home

Living Room with Dining Room

Typically, a lot of activity occurs in the living and dining rooms. Yet, the space must be repainted anywhere from five to seven years. However, if you pick less durable paint, you may have to repaint your walls regularly.

The Kitchen and bathroom

It would help if you gave the kitchen and the bathroom a new coat of paint every three to four years. For the best possible outcomes, look for paint that is designed specifically for use in these spaces.


Painting should be done in the bedroom every two to three years at the absolute least. However, whoever uses the bedroom determines how often it has to be repainted and how often it is cleaned.


Compared to the paint in other parts of your house, the paint in the hallway will likely show the most scuffs and dents. And so it must be repainted every two to three years.


The ceilings inside the building need to be repainted about once every ten years. You may need to repaint more often if you have a water leak or need to hide stains.

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