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7 DIY Ideas to Prepare Your Home Exterior for Summer – Easier than you Think!

Your DIY Project can be Easier than you Think! 7 Ideas to Prepare your Home Exterior for this Summer.

DIY Ideas to Prepare your Home

The warmer months are here, and it is time to spruce up your home exterior. Here are some DIY ideas to prepare your home for those backyard barbeques, friends around the patio table, and children playing in the yard. This means you need to get your home ready to entertain. But where do you start? Keep reading to find out a few of our recommendations for getting your home ready to entertain.

Window flower boxes

Window flower boxes are an excellent way to make your home exterior stand out. Their popularity does not seem to be what it used to be, but they are slowly coming back in favor, meaning that they are an excellent way to accent the front of your home.

Get lovely window flower box frames and fill them with lively green plants. Plants such as petunias, ivy, and geraniums are excellent choices to fill your home exterior window boxes for a timeless look. They will give your home an air of elegance and character without going overboard.

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Exterior paint

Take a serious look at your home exterior. How is your home exterior paint looking? Exterior paint is made to last many years, but if you cannot remember when it was last painted, you should consider giving it a new quality coat of paint. If you plan to sell the home in the upcoming years, it may be good to pick a neutral color.

While deciding on your new paint color, examine your home for other minor repairs worth noticing. You may find that there are several things that your home needs to be brought up to summer-ready standards.

Front doors are one of the first visual statements people see when looking at our homes. And sometimes they need a fresh coat of paint as well. Painting your front door, especially if you choose a bright color, will draw the attention of everyone in your neighborhood.


It could be time to add some privacy to your backyard. Standard privacy or chain-link fencing will do very little for your backyard appeal. You should be considering unusual designs like using diagonal or horizontal slats instead of the traditional vertical.

If horizontal slats are what you will be using, you can consider using plant hooks to hang pots from the gaps between the boards. This would give your fence a unique and attractive look while also allowing you to begin planting a wider variety of plants throughout your yard.

You may even consider using the pots as a vertical garden and plant fruits and vegetables and herbs in the pots that you hang. Then it could be a beautiful statement piece and provide you with food.

7 DIY Ideas to Prepare Your Home Exterior for Summer


Make sure to do plenty of yard landscaping. If you are the type of person who obsesses over keeping your yard perfectly trimmed, this may not be as big a step. But you will want your landscaping done before the hot temperatures, and little rainfall let us know that summer has

arrived. You will want to start killing weeds and planting grass seeds to ensure that you have good hardy grass growing throughout your yard before summer.

Go to your favorite place to buy flowers and layout your flower beds in your mind. Plan which types of flowers and bushes you want to plant, which ones will compliment your home, and which ones will survive the weather where they will be produced. Pick out a mulch color, stone, or other filler that compliments your home. Plant your flowers, lay your mulch or other filler, and keep them watered and fed. Before long, you will have beautiful flower beds growing right before your eyes.

Consider adding some form of centerpiece or entertainment in your yard. If you have kids, a nice swing set or playhouse will help them stay focused while you are outside. If a playset is not for you, then perhaps a fire pit or a pergola will be the answer to having a centerpiece— something where your friends and family will be able to gather around and spend quality time together.

Build a deck

When thinking of DIY ideas to prepare your home exterior this summer building a deck might be the last thing on your mind, but hear us out!

Building a deck might be the most expensive option, but it may also make the most significant impact and be the most rewarding. Once you gather the lumber, get all of your friends to come over, and fire up the barbeque while building the deck. With everyone’s help, it will be done before you know it.

You will need to think about what type of decking you want, what color, how big a deck you want, and more. These factors can drastically change the difficulty of building it and the potential cost.

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garage door

Garage Doors

Garage doors are among the most under looked items when sprucing up a home. You may not consider your garage door as making much of a statement to the neighborhood since most people’s garage doors look the same. But a fresh coat of paint may be all it takes to make everyone stop and stare. You might even consider matching the garage doors color to your front door.

If the doors are too beat up, you may need to consider replacing them. Even if they are damaged and do not want to replace them yet, a fresh coat of paint will help them look so much better until you can arrange a replacement.


You can mow and landscape all you want, and your home will look fantastic. However, it is the decorations that make the house come to life. A home is not truly a home until you put your decorating mark on it.

Strategically placed garden statues and oversized pots in your flower beds, hand-crafted signs, and door hangers are excellent ideas to draw people’s eyes to your home. You could hang decorative wall hangers from the horizontal slat fence where you do not already have your garden. Or you can put red, white, and blue ribbons on your window boxes to represent your patriotism and prepare for the fourth of July.

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Final thoughts

Spring has sprung, and it is time to make your home exterior as beautiful as the flowers that are beginning to grow. A little bit of time and energy can leave you with a house and yard to be proud of, one that you cannot wait to invite your friends and family over to see. Hopefully these DIY ideas to prepare your home exterior will let your house be the center of your attention this spring.

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