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Good Painting isn’t Cheap, Cheap Painting isn’t Good!

Good Painting isn't Cheap, Cheap Painting isn't Good!

It can be tempting to go with a cheaper option when it comes to painting or any other project, but this is not always the best idea. Good painting will be considerably more expensive. However, cheap painters can often do a poor job, which can lead to products fail which will cause the paint peel. 

There are many things that can go wrong when painting a home, such as drips or spills that can go unseen until it is too late, and the damage has been done. Furthermore, sometimes doing the project yourself might be a good idea but you need to make sure to have all the information needed about the products and procedures in order to do the job properly.

In this scenario the client called us to repair a damaged door from a paint job that was poorly done and now the door needed to be stripped and re-painted. Since the painter that was hired for the job was not qualified to do the job correctly the end result was a door that had bad peeling paint and would need a lot of work to fix it, and this is when Argenta Painting came in to action.

What Went Wrong?

Every time we share our professional painting tips, we always like to emphasize the importance of the preparation process. Every good painting job must be prepped properly to achieve a high quality of finish that will last for years to come. Unfortunately, the painters that the client hired failed to follow this process and as a result, they did not prime the door which resulted in the complete failure of the paint, which resulted in the paint chipping and peeling off the surface of the door.

The door was so poorly painted that it only took a nail scratch for the paint to peel. 

Good Painting
Interior painting

Is Primer Always Needed?

Not necessarily, some paints that can go directly on to the product without having to prime the surface first. However, there are some other products that require primer prior to painting the surface, in which unfortunately this was the case. Therefore, when hiring a painter, you need to make sure that they have all the product knowledge needed to complete the job efficiently, ask them as many questions as you need. A good painting contractor will be able to tell what painting products requires primer prior to the application.

On the other hand, if you are doing the painting project yourself if you are not sure whether you need to prime, you can read the label on the product as it usually has instructions on how to use the product or you can ask the paint store for more information. Paint store managers are always friendly and willing to help their customers understand which products they need.

How did we Fix it?

In order to get this job done we had to remove all the old paint and then sand down the entire surface of the door to allow the metal underneath to show through. After completely sanding the door, we passed a rag damped with methyl hydrate over the surface to remove any remaining dust. After all the paint was removed, we applied the paint on the door, the painting product that we used was direct to metal (DTM) so we did not fall in the need of priming the surface. To obtain a good painting job these steps are a must as the preparation process is as important as applying the paint.

cleaned paint out

Avoid False Information!

The initial colour that the customer wanted is red, however, the customer was told by the other painting crew that it was the colour they chose what led the paint to fail. THIS IS FALSE! What caused the paint to fail it was the fact that a primer was not used, also when using any vibrant colour like red, yellow, and green usually need a coat of gray prime before painting to obtain the desired results. 

This door was white and the fact that no primer was used caused the colour to look orange, even after 7 coats of paint, the colour did not turn out as expected, this is evidence that the so called “painter” knew little about its trade and just passed on the problem to the client. 

Choose Wisely

It is important to educate yourself when it comes to choosing someone to paint your home, both in terms of finding a painter you can trust and about the type of paint and finishes you want for the finished product. Your painter should advise you on the materials they use as well as how to prepare your house for the project itself. Furthermore, before choosing a painter you should ask to see examples of their work so that you can be sure you are happy with the quality of their work. 

Just remember if the price is too low it is probably too good to be true. Investing a couple hundred dollars more can be more efficient than choosing a much lower rate since the beginning. 

If you want some tips on what to look for when hiring a contractor, please refer to our video “HELP!! How do I Choose a Contractor?” as it contains a lot of great information on how to choose a contractor that’s right for you.

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Argenta is your Good Painting Option

Our painting team has extensive experience and product knowledge, so they will be able to provide you with all the information you need regardless of the type of surface, whether it’s wood, drywall or any other type of surface. Argenta Painting is your best option, we will complete the project in a timely matter at affordable prices.

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