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Commercial Exterior Painting – Gold’s Gym Langley

Commercial Exterior Painting - Gold's Gym Langley

Over the years, Argenta Painting has been fortunate enough to provide commercial exterior painting services for a few different businesses in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. In 2022, we were called once again by Gold’s Gym to do a full paint job of their current location on Fraser 81a Ave, Langley Twp. As with all our previous commercial clients, we had a thorough inspection and measurement phase to understand the scope of the project and what work had to be done before we started.

The first time we painted this business was back in November 2016 when we painted the interior of the entire gym. Our client was amazed with the quality and result of the work we did for them and wanted us to come back and do another full repaint but now the commercial exterior painting!

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The Scope of the Project

The scope of the project was straight forward, to repaint the exterior of this business. However, there were some challenges that were faced while doing the job. For example, there were many hard-to-reach areas that required a Boom Lift in order to reach them. So, we had to be very careful while working at these heights and make sure it was safe for us and our skilled painters as well. Our team has all the certifications needed for working in high areas such as the boom lift certification and fall protection. 

Another challenge faced during this project are the drastic colour changes. When the client wants the new colour to be completely different it requires extensive knowledge on the process to achieve and meet the client’s expectations. However, as experienced painters we are well aware of any obstacles that can come accross when doing commercial exterior painting.

The Preparation Process

The fist step when doping any exterior painting is to pressure wash all the areas that need to be painted first in order to remove any dirt and loose paint. Furthermore, after washing was completed, our painters then proceeded to scrape any loose paint that did not fall while the pressure wash. Our painters then caulked all the cracks in the concrete to prevent water from seeping into the building as well as to seal out dirt from getting into the cracks causing damage to the structure. However, in the areas that were severely damaged the team had to use cement patch to repair these areas.

After repairing all the cracks and patching where necessary our painters began priming the structure in preparation for the new coat of paint to be applied later in the project. Priming is a very important step in the painting process as it gives the paint something to stick to and prevent it from peeling in the future. Once the priming was complete the crew proceeded to apply the first coat of paint.

During the project our painters needed to be extra careful when moving the ladders, tools, and equipment as the area was highly transited many people were in and out of the building during the day. It was very important to always ensure the safety of the crew and the customers. For commercial exterior painting, we have to always be extra careful as there are always many people going in and out of the building. 

Commercial Exterior Painting
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After all the prepping was done it was time to begin painting. However, as it was mentioned before due to the people and cars in the parking lot using an airless spraying machine was not an option as the risks of over spraying the cars were high. Therefore, our painters had to use a brush and power roller to apply two coats of paint to the areas. Furthermore, there were four different colours we needed to use for the exterior painting of this business, so our painters had to be extremely careful to place every colour in the right location. 

The client wanted to change the colour of the canopy to a bright yellow when the original colour was red. This was the biggest challenge as the colour yellow is an extremely difficult colour to work with, we had to use an industrial primer for horizontal metal surfaces. Next, we had to spray four coats of the yellow paint over the area (this was the only thing sprayed of the entire building) making sure there was no overspray that could potentially damage the cars in the parking lot.

Customer Satisfaction

Argenta Painting will always make sure that the client is happy and do whatever they ask as long as its possible within our capabilities. We always try to exceed their expectations and make sure that we provide the best service and quality for the project in question. This is why clients keep relying on their projects after several years, they are sure their expectations will be met.

Gold's Gym Langley

Commercial Exterior Painting with Argenta Painting

Many business owners underestimate the importance of having a good appearance in their stores, this can have a negative impact on their bottom line. A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for any business and will make a huge impact on the image your business presents to its customers. Argenta Painting Specializes in commercial exterior painting. If you want to give your business a fresh appearance call Argenta Painting today to schedule an appointment and to get a quote free of charge!

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