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Exterior High-Rise Painting in Burnaby

Exterior High-Rise Painting in Burnaby

The season for exterior painting is upon us and we have decided to start this exterior painting season with a high-rise in Burnaby.

This high-rise is getting a total renovation to make it waterproof and more thermally insulated.

Having already replaced all windows and balcony doors with new energy efficient, wind/waterproof ones and having already started the finishing touches for the new EIF’s.

As for the exterior painting, we are using Loxon Concrete & Masonry primer from Sherwin Williams. Loxon is a high-performance primer, it is highly alkali and efflorescence resistant, being able to apply it to surfaces with pH levels between 6-13 making it an ideal primer for new concrete (at least 7 days old).

We decided to use Loxon as out primer to ensure proper adhesion of the topcoat, as it is MPI (#3 water based Alkali Resistant Primer) approved for the kind of work we will be doing. Loxon is an excellent choice for any base concrete or masonry projects where you need that added piece of mind.

Although this project could have very well done using higher grade, self-priming topcoats without the need of priming. We, at Argenta Painting and Restoration Ltd. Always recommend to prime, even if you are thinking of using a topcoat such as SuperPaint or Emerald, always prime all surfaces to be painted, specially jobs like this which have not been painted before.

The results when priming, in jobs like this, will definitely last longer and hold much better over-time than simply using self-priming topcoats.

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Do not get me wrong, there is always a time and a place to use self-priming products like SuperPaint or Emerald from Sherwin Williams. These products are amazing, under the right circumstances, and by far two of my favourite topcoats to use.  As a matter of fact, SuperPaint exterior was the most used exterior paint for Argenta Painting last year. It has ridiculously excellent coverage that (in my opinion) is fairly close to those of the top-ultra-expensive products like Emerald (Sherwin Williams) and Aura (Benjamin Moore) and a price range that is a non-brainer (again in my humble opinion).


Having already deviated from the topic at hand, let me reiterate that Loxon primer could be the what you need for your project, it might be a bit overkill, but for the Argenta Painting team we like to use the best possible products to guarantee the longest lasting jobs. Remember folks, a job is only as good as its prep work, and priming is a part of it. Do it right, do it once!

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