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Paint Colors Will Embrace Nature In 2022

Paint Colors Will Embrace Nature In 2022

The year 2021 was quite a roller coaster ride! We dealt with it all – the pandemic, drought, forest fires, and epic rainfalls. As we head into 2022, it’s time for new beginnings! We’re a residential and painting contractor, and we are looking forward to painting homes and businesses in Vancouver and surrounding communities. A new coat of paint will help set a positive tone for the year ahead.

Exciting Color Trends For 2022

Industry experts predict that people will be getting their inspiration from the natural world in 2022. After a tumultuous year, calming warm neutrals, bright golden yellows, and muted to vibrant greens will be the go-to colors. These hues reflect a focus on personal health and wellness and a spirit of regrowth in the face of so many adversities.

In a rather unusual and surprising turn of events, all four major paint manufacturers (Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams, PPG, and Behr) picked gray-green as the number one color for the upcoming year.

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What Are The Top Colors For 2022?

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Harmonious Gray-Green

This color combination reflects the harmonious tones found in nature. Its subtle hue can give just enough of a pop of color in a room such as a kitchen, without being jarring. Gray-green catches the eye, and it’s great for cabinets, or on the doors leading from an outside patio. It’s also a perfect welcoming color for any entryway.

The color psychology of green suggests that it gives a sense of tranquility. A gray-green hue would be excellent for exercise spaces because it makes them more relaxing and enjoyable.

While gray-green is on top, greens of all tones, particularly emerald and sage, will be popular too.

Warm Yellow

If you were a child of the 70s, you remember yellow. Lots and lots of yellow. Walls. Floors. Furniture. Even appliances. Brace yourself, because yellow is making a comeback in 2022 but in a more restrained fashion.

Adding some yellow hues here and there will brighten up a space and give it a warm, sunshine feeling. The kitchen is the ideal place for yellow paint. As you stumble in for a cup of coffee each morning, your mood will be elevated by the color.

Another great place for us to add a fresh coat of yellow paint is in the bathroom, particularly if you’re aiming for a country or folksy feel.


The Energy of Orange

When you think of paint colors for your home, you aren’t likely jumping to orange but hear us out. Depending on the shade, orange paint can provide a boost of energy or create a warm cozy space. It is another fabulous hue for front entryways.

Brighter shades of orange are great choices for rooms where there is usually a lot of activity and energy. A children’s playroom or a family game room are perfect spaces for bolder colors. If that warm and cozy feeling is the intent, you’ll enjoy oranges that have rich, earthy tones.

Cozy Brown

Speaking of brown, a nice chocolaty shade adds elegance to spaces like offices, living rooms, and bedrooms. It’s a calming, grounding color that connects you to nature without stepping outdoors.

North-facing rooms that are painted in darker shades of brown will provide a cocoon-like atmosphere. Use the light in south-facing rooms to your advantage and paint those rooms in lighter shades of brown.


Here’s To 2022 And Bringing Nature’s Colors Inside!

Argenta Painting crews are stoked for all the good things that the new year will bring! We worked hard last year, despite what the old year threw at us all. Houses all over Vancouver and in communities like Kerrisdale and Kitsilano sported fresh coats of paint, and our crews consistently received great customer reviews!

Call A Professional

If you have any questions about painting your home or business, give us a call to schedule your free quote! From all of us to all of you, we wish you joy, peace, and prosperity in the new year!

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