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The Versatility of Greige

Gray, Beige or Greige?

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When one thinks of lovely paint colours that are vibrant and pleasing, it’s likely that beige and gray don’t spring to mind. For most people, beige tends to be synonymous with boring and the colour gray is still perceived as primarily institutional. But, have you heard about greige? As residential painting contractors, we certainly have and are eager to introduce you to this wonderful colour. It may surprise you that greige, a blend of gray (a cool tone), and beige (a warm tone), is wonderfully multi-purpose.

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You might be wondering how versatile a colour created by blending boring and institutional can be. The answer is simply, very. Greige is a neutral colour that brings the best of gray and beige to life and it’s suitable for every room of your home. It’s finest features are that it adds a pleasant sense of depth and creates comfortable emotions. 

When you’re thinking about using greige, there are a few things to consider. First, understand that the ratio of gray to beige determines whether your hue will be cooler or warmer.

Second, where do you live? Climate is something that many people don’t give a passing thought to when they’re considering paint. The winters in Vancouver and area tend to be chilly and damp, with an occasional snowstorm throw in for good measure. A greige that leans more heavily towards beige will bring a warmer, brighter feel to a room. Conversely, if there is a space in your home that gets plenty of natural light in winter and summer, then a greige that is more gray than beige will create a lovely cool feeling.

The third point to consider is the feel of the room you’re trying to achieve. For example, a dining room is where friends and family gather to break bread and enjoy one another’s company. You’ll want to create a space where folks feel cozy and comfortable. A greige that favors beige over gray will set up this ambiance, particularly if your room has a farmhouse feel or contains reclaimed wood. Another example of building an emotion in a room is the home office. In 2021 many of us scrambled to set up work spaces in our homes and it appears that remote work will continue to be popular. We know that productivity is influenced by colour and a home office should be comfortable and professional. A neutral greige, with an equal balance of gray and beige, establishes this and will help to keep you focused and on task.

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And finally, consider the decor in each room. Greige works best with stronger, bold colours. If your furniture, art and other decor leans toward muted and pale shades, then greige may not be the best choice as it will tend to make everything appear bland. As professional Vancouver painters we will draw on our expertise to help you narrow your choices and guide you in selecting the perfect greige hues for your home. We’d be delighted to talk with you and offer a free quote. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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