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Decisions To Make When Painting The Exterior Of Your Home

Decisions To Make When Painting The Exterior Of Your Home

It’s time to paint the exterior of your Vancouver house, but before you rush down to your local home improvement store, there are a few important things that need to be considered.

HOA Rules

If you belong to a Home Owner’s Association (HOA), have you submitted your request for an exterior painting alteration? HOAs have rules and regulations about all manner of things, including changes to the outside of homes. Read over the bylaws to understand what can and can’t be done and then contact your HOA board, in writing, and request permission to begin painting. The board will require an explanation about how much of your home will be painted, how long the project will take, and a description of the colour(s) you have decided on. Defying the rules is unwise and will almost certainly result in a fine, sometimes a hefty one, and an order to repaint your home. There is a definite advantage to working with a residential painting contractor such as us because we are accustomed to working with HOAs and can help to make these first steps seamless.

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Fitting In

Most neighborhoods have a certain look and this is a crucial point to think about when selecting paint colours. There is something to be said for creativity but is it a good idea to paint your home purple with yellow accents when the rest of the homes on your street have more understated hues? Being different, particularly if you have an eye to sell in the future, could make life difficult. Your home certainly doesn’t have to be one in a row of cookie-cutter designs and colours, but it’s wise to stop and consider whether your choices are overwhelming the architecture of your house or infuriating your neighbors.

Harmonizing Colour

On the topic of colours, there are some salient points to bear in mind. Choose paints that coordinate with your roof. Paint should always highlight the best features of your home and it can help to think about the age of your house when making your decisions. For example, if you live in a Victorian home, keeping to the hues of that era will have people stopping to appreciate its beauty. Nature is always inspiring and if your house is on a street with big trees, gardens, or green spaces, borrow from that and choose harmonizing colours. Lastly, a professional paint job is a balanced one. A pop of colour on one side of the home and not the other will make it look lopsided.

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Another question to ask yourself is “What is my budget?” Painting your home is an expense and while we all love to pinch pennies where possible, invest in the most expensive paint that your budget will allow. Quality simply lasts longer and you don’t want to be faced with painting your home again a year or two down the road because you tried to cut corners.

Type of Paint

Finally, the right type of paint is essential. What environmental factors barrage your home? Lots of sunlight? Constant howling wind? Salt spray from the ocean? Oil-based paints are a fierce opponent of wind, rain, and temperature change, but they degrade easily with constant sunshine. Latex paint is a good challenger to the sun’s rays but can falter in dampness. Mold-resistant paints are suitable if parts of your home are in constant contact with water, while flame-resistance paints provide an extra barrier of protection in areas prone to wildfires.

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Final Thoughts

There’s a lot to reflect on after deciding to paint the exterior of your home. We are an experienced and professional Vancouver painting company and our residential painting experts would be delighted to help to guide you through all of the decisions that need to be made. Please call us for a free quote.

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