Service Warranty

All About Argenta’s Warranty

Why is Argenta Painting’s Warranty Better?

We are so confident in our Workmanship that we offer a 3-year warranty to our residential and commercial clients, unlike most other painting companies who only offer 1 or 2 years. We do this because we are know our work will stand the test of time.

What do You need to do to Qualify for our Service Warranty?

What is Included in Our Warranty?

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What is NOT covered by out 3-year warranty?

  • Any Horizontal surface.
  • Cracks in plaster or drywall.
  • Any paint/products supplied by the customer.
  • Galvanized metal.
  • Bleeding knots.
  • Moisture damage or rust.
  • Exterior varnished surfaces.
  • Any failure of the previous paint layers.

What does the Warranty NOT include?

  • Cracks or tape tears due to shifting buildings.
  • Paint costs.
  • Matching of paints (paint can be matched closely but seldom perfectly).
  • Mildew caused by moisture accumulation.
  • Rotten wood, rust, or disintegrating metals.
  • Any areas not prepared by Argenta.
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Service Warranty

Argenta Painting Ltd.’s warranty is a comprehensive 3-year warranty that covers all vertical surfaces (only) we have prepared and painted.

Our professionals have been trained to properly prepare surfaces before painting. This ensures proper “paint to substrate” adhesion and therefore a longer lasting job.

One foreman fully experienced in professional coatings will handle the daily on site management of the project for the duration of the job in order to ensure quality control and to keep the highest standards, as well as to ensure the proper application techniques are followed.

Our quotes/estimates always include the most suitable product for the surfaces we are applying it. In the event there is an issue of paint failure within the 3 years following our paint job (three years after the last walkthrough/job closing), we will gladly fix it for you. While we fix the problem we will inspect all other areas to ensure there is nothing else that could lead to further failure.

This warranty does not cover any horizontal surfaces or any surface that by design allows water to collect, such surfaces include, but are not limited to, decks, porches, railings, roofs, gutters, stairs, etcetera. This warranty also excludes any areas we have not prepared ourselves, this means; pressure washed, scrapped, sanded, primed, etcetera.

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